I have learned to approach health and well-being from the perspective of the physical, mental and emotional self. Often we end up in a state of un-health, or dis-ease because of our response to the circumstances of life, such as trauma, loss, and unforeseen challenges. Over time these unconsciously learned strategies, which are typically enacted to help us manage uncertainty, resulting in anxiety, depression, addiction and conflictual relationships with our loved ones and community members. Through my somatic counseling work, I support individuals to discover the root of these issues by acknowledging and then transforming the attitudes and behaviors that prevent their experience of contentment and peace. My counseling approach incorporates the healing power of humor, horses, and nature. My clients value the unique, creative and direct support I offer.

My training is a blend of Somatic Psychology, Creative Arts Therapy and Dance/Movement Therapy, with mindfulness as a core foundation. In addition to my private counseling practice, I teach, train, and supervise Masters level students in Somatic and Contemplative Psychology at Naropa University, and facilitate groups with horses for a variety of populations and issues.

I have been working in the mental health field since 1991, and for the last ten years I have incorporated horses into my counseling practice as an Equine Facilitated Psychotherapist. In the presence of these powerful mammals, out in the openness of nature, the body, mind, and heart awakens unlike in any other modality. I have helped clients suffering from a wide spectrum of issues, from chronic mental challenges to individuals in a specific situational crisis. I believe we hold within us the capacity to live satisfying, engaged, collaborative and meaningful lives.